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Wild Child Coffee

Acid Queen - Coffee Bags

Acid Queen - Coffee Bags

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Acid Queen was literally born in the wild: Juicy & Fruity

Best served black, Acid Queen is made up from a seasonal rotational of Ethiopian and Kenyan producers. In these incredible mountain ranges, coffee still grows wild to this day and is known for producing incredibly high quality coffee with unique flavour & character. Big floral aromas and a light fruity character to match. Great served cold.

Wild Child Coffee Bags come in 15 gram portions. You won't find a bigger dose of ready to brew coffee than this. This means more coffee and more caffeine for you.

    When left sealed, Wild Child Coffee Bags retain flavour and freshness for 3 months.

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    Simply throw a Wild Child Coffee Bag in your mug, add hot water, squeeze and stir the bag a with a spoon and then allow the coffee to brew for 5 minutes.

    No need to remove the bag from the mug as it will not over-extract!


    All Wild Child Coffee Bags come packaged in pairs inside ultra-stashable aluminium lined pouches.

    We have found that this is the best balance of preserving freshness & reducing waste. So if you order 10 serves, you'll receive 5x2 Packs.


    In most cases products are shipped the next business day after the order is placed. Some larger orders may ship a couple of days later to allow for fresh roasting and grinding, ensuring maximum freshness and lifespan.